Organic Modeling

Globus Ring

As you may notice in portfolio, our jewelry CAD designers are quite experienced in jewelry organic modeling. These directions of jewelry CAD design don’t have any conceptual relation with organic jewelry. “Organic” is a category of jewelry which is made out of organic materials, such as shell, wood, ivory, feather, etc.

What about the jewelry organic modeling? It is a definition of jewelry CAD design process when model makers combine sculptural 3d forms with jewelry elements. Such models are not just a jewelry, they also have spirit and mood, they carry meaning and message, they express emotion and characterize their owners. All these features lead our CAD designers to put a realistic approach in each element of the model, as the sculptor does while carving his art piece.

Our CAD specialists can digitalize organic 3d forms on metal with different relief design (bas-relief; haut relief, ronde bosse). As a main design element of jewelry we can model for example your baby’s footprint, favorite person, pet, famous or historical character and any concept design according to your requirements.

The CAD design of represented pendant is a simple example of jewelry organic modeling. It involves jewelry elements as well as 3d sculpture of the main character. Such pendant is a great way to feel the presence of a beloved person and get positive emotions, even when you are far from each other.

To get such a piece of jewelry, you just need to describe the main features of the adornment, attach the image of the character and, if possible, to present a short concept, a story or the source of inspiration, for making the model more realistic and impressive.

As a result, you will get very precious and important adornment, which will be more than just a jewelry!

Our jewelry designers can also suggest exclusive designs in the form of sketch based on Your preferences.  As a result You will have little piece of art in the form of pendant, ring, cufflink, brooch, earring or bangle, which will truly impress and silently tell a story.

Jewelry organic modeling brings into our working process a lot of vividness, creativeness and ambition to deep into the world of emotions,history, architecture, art, literature, show business and other interesting spheres.