Jewelry Sketches

Sketched pendant inspired from indian culture

Jewelry Design

If you have any inspiration or rough idea about jewelry design in your mind, but can’t pass it to paper, our designers are ready to absorb your intent, suggest unique solutions and adjust it to 3d modeling requirements.

Voilà! First step of our cooperation is done.  We already have the sketches of your jewelry custom design, due to which we’ll have a reference point of what kind of jewelry to model, and you’ll have a clear idea of the completed design.

Jewelry sketch is the first step to individual combination of CAD design with aesthetic value.

You don’t need to have any experience in Jewelry design, and it doesn’t matter how complex or unusual idea you have, just feel free to present your desired custom jewelry appearance by verbal communication or with sample photos, and after that our designers will start to sketch your dream jewelry.

At the first glance, jewelry sketch seems to be just a beautiful picture of unique adornment, and what you prefer to see will be in more realistic appearance. But actually it is a thorough combination of your requirements with all the techniques of drawing jewelry sketches (textures, shade, gemstones, scale, proportions, wearability, comfort etc.), adjusted to further 3d modeling process.

As the communication has a significant role for the good start of cooperation, we’ll ask you to present the piece of jewelry you have imagined, as detailed as possible, which will bring to mutually beneficial and effective result of the jewelry design.

If you can dream it we can draw it!

Cooperation whole package

Girl with katana pendant

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