Jewelry 3D Modeling

Although handcrafting is always appreciated highly, nowadays CAD design is an indispensable tool for producing jewelry.

We are very excited to provide professional 3d modeling service at Goldcrest studio to turn your desired jewelry concept into a realistic model design, by allowing to view it from different angles to make important modifications and improvements.

While modeling a jewelry, we exclusively take into account all details, ranging from the main design to clasp mechanism, even technical solutions and tricks for further workflow.

As the biggest challenges of jewelry CAD design are based on communication, we’ll thoroughly present the classic cooperation steps bellow:

Sketch is the 1st step of jewelry design

Step 1

If you have any inspiration or rough idea of jewelry design in your mind, sketch is always a good idea. It’s not necessary to pass on paper all features in detail, only those, which have a guide role for further jewelry CAD modeling.  Or you can rely on the professionalism of our jewelry designers, who are ready to absorb your intent, suggest unique jewelry designs and adjust it to 3d modeling requirements.

Voilà! First step of our cooperation is done.  We already have the sketches of your jewelry custom design, due to which we’ll have a reference point of what kind of jewelry to model, and you’ll have a clear idea of the completed design.

Simple example of ring's CAD design

Step 2

After our CAD designers have a reference point, what kind of jewelry to create, they start to conduct the modelling process.

While modeling, we are working in close collaboration with our customers to produce designs that are very close to their exact requirements and provided specifications. Due to our extensive technical expertise we’ll model your custom jewelry design adjusted for further manufacturing workflow.

3d file of your desired jewelry design is the basis of further jewelry CAD rendering process.

Photorealistic render of ring's 3d model

Step 3

As a conclusive stage of jewelry design and modeling process, we provide jewelry CAD rendering service, which visualizes your desired custom design in a very realistic way and inspires confidence on further production.

It is very powerful tool for your business, especially for marketing campaigns, web banners, presentations, etc.

Our jewelry CAD designers will give a unique, eye-catching look to your desired jewelry model that will be truly impressive!