What is 3d modeling? +

3D modeling is a digital visualization of a real world object, which has all physical properties for being printed and used in daily life.

What kind of CAD software do you use? +

We use the most powerful software for 3D modeling such as Rhino, Matrix and ZBrush

Is the Photo rend a separate service? +

In case of CAD design order, we include 3 classic photo rends, as a gift. If you want additional renderings or only rendering service, that is already a separate service.

Do you model only jewelry? +

Our team is specialized in jewelry and sculpture CAD design, but our team is able to model everything you want, which don’t require special professional skills and techniques.

Do You keep confidentiality of my designs? +

We strongly guarantee the confidentiality of your designs. Furthermore, for each of your order we can sign a Non Disclosure Agreement.

Do you require additional payment for additional corrections? +

Most minor changes and modifications will be done free of charge. But any major change or request, after the accomplishment of the model,  will be charged accordingly (the price will be discussed and explained to the client, and the process will start only after the confirmation).

Can you provide a rendering service based on my 3d file? +

We provide rendering service at Goldcrest Studio both based on your 3d files and  on models created by our model makers.

How do you ensure my credit card details’ security? +

www.goldcrest3d.com uses secure online payment method 3-D Secure technology, which protects our customers from the unauthorized use of their credit card. 3-D Secure technology consists of the programs Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode.

After you enter your credit card details in order division, a new window will appear, requesting your personal security code. Your financial institution will authenticate the transaction within seconds, as well as confirm that you are the individual making the purchase.

Can you suggest me exclusive jewelry designs? +

Our jewelry designers will input all their creativity and efforts to provide you with unique jewelry designs by making  a custom exclusive jewelry just for you.

We will create a single piece of jewelry, or develop a new line according to your requirements.