3D Sculpting

Goldcrest jewelry design studio provides professional 3d sculpting services in the whole range of industry, from figurines to jewelry organic models. Latest 3d modeling software programs allow us to sculpt an art piece, perfected from all angles. The result will overcome your expectations with its uttermost quality and accuracy. Instead of the  firmer and gauge manual sculpting tools, our CAD designers use customizable brushes to form, texture and color digital sculpture for any complexity and artistic concept.

Our team members can model digital sculpture from sketches, photos, concept ideas or reference pieces which will reflect the customer’s desire. We enjoy to keep in touch with a customer during the whole modeling process in order to create a perfect design according to his requirements and comments.

Relief Design

Our CAD designers also model sculptures in relief, with two main different degrees of projection: bas-relief (low relief) and haut-relief (high relief).

In the both cases the sculpted elements are on the top of the flat fundament at the same time are partially attached to solid background. The depth ratio of digitally carved elements defines the main difference between above mentioned reliefs.

Bas-relief is a method of sculpting with a shallow projection of elements which barely stand out from the background and shows less contrast of lightened and shaded areas. This technique requires less work on modelling compared with haut-relief, where the forms are modeled quite deeply, with cast strong shadows and the figures appear to be more on top of the background rather than are part of it.

We are ready to take relief design orders at Goldcrest studio from low to high, from coins up to memorials of any complexity.