Clasps Mechanism

Which kind of jewelry clasp to use? This is the most overlooked question that our customers consider during order discussions. Our modelers insist, that clasp selection for jewelry model has equal importance as the choice of the jewelry style, colors, gemstones, sizes, etc.

There is a wide range of clasps from the most common spring ring clasp to traditional S-hooked clasp. Each of them has its extra features better suited for a definite jewelry model than others. For example, box clasp, with safety chains, helps to prevent the tab from pulling out and the jewelry to drop off.

For majority, the selection of jewelry clasps is limited with correspondence of two main features:

  • The clasp must be tight enough for security
  • The clasp must not catch on clothing or other objects.

But actually, the clasp can be more than just a device, which joins objects together. It can play both aesthetical and functional role while designing your desired jewelry.

Our jewelry CAD designers suggest exclusive clasps’ designs and mechanisms, which will accentuate the ultimate uniqueness of your dream piece of jewelry.

We can design the best suited clasp for your jewelry design on the already existed mechanisms, or we can create a new mechanism, with extra features and solutions.

Animated clasp mechanism with italian style unique design