3D Modeling

3D modeling is inherently a visual representation of the real world object, which has all physical properties for being created and used in daily life.

3D modeling is a very meticulous technology, that involves massive details about each element, regardless how gigantic or small it is and helps to create an exquisite design for any product.

Another advantage is that 3D models of the product evoke confidence and trust to the customer in relevance and suitability of the product for their needs. With 360 degree views, manufacturers are not just able to show the dimensions in real time but also present lifelike details that attract the customers’ attention and increase engagement rate.

All these benefits have pushed 3D modeling to intrude almost all spheres of industry and become a game changer. Jewelry manufacturing is one of these industries which has started closely cooperate with virtual reality world and has done shift from traditional handcrafting to jewelry 3d modeling. Goldcrest studio is the proof of this industrial revolution.

Below we’ve briefly categorized our 3d modeling services:

It is no secret that jewelry business carries enough risk, because of the unstable market of metal and gem. Jewelry 3d modeling is an effective method to take your business risks under control, and manufacture an adornment, only when the client likes and approves its virtual appearance (3d file).

A photo/sketch and discussion of details (proportions, scales, functionality, gemstones etc.) are enough for our modelers to turn your dream piece of jewelry into a virtual reality.

Our CAD specialists can digitalize organic 3d forms on metal with different relief design (bas-relief; haut relief, ronde bosse). As a main design element of jewelry we can model for example your baby’s footprint, favorite person, pet, famous or historical character and any concept design according to your requirements. Our jewelry designers can also suggest exclusive designs in the form of sketch based on your preferences. As a result you will have a little piece of art in the form of pendant, ring, cufflink, brooch, earring or bangle, which will truly impress and silently tell a story.

Goldcrest jewelry design studio provides professional 3d sculpting service in the whole range of the industry, from coins and memorials up to figurines. Latest 3d modeling software programs allow us to sculpt an art piece, perfected from all angles. The result will overcome your expectations with its uttermost quality and accuracy.

We enjoy to keep in touch with a customer during the whole modeling process in order to create a perfect design according to his requirements and comments.

Clasp can be more than just a device, which joins objects together. It can play both aesthetical and functional role while designing your desired jewelry.

Our jewelry CAD designers suggest exclusive clasp designs and mechanisms, which will accentuate the ultimate uniqueness of your dream piece of jewelry.

We can design the best suited clasp for your jewelry design on already existed mechanisms, or can create a new mechanism, with extra features and solutions.